Educate your hiring managers on BBI

Resources to help you plan trainings, lead role-play, and send outreach

HR leaders should take a very deliberate approach to rolling BBI out across their organization, dedicating 8-10 weeks to training hiring managers. Beyond typical interviewing skill-building, all successful BBI training programs consist of three primary parts:

  • Overview of BBI basics
  • Review of the standard templates provided by HR and how they are used during the interview
  • Group role-play scenarios

Pilot your training materials with hiring managers who are motivated to improve their candidate interviewing or who oversee high-impact units with higher turnover rates. This allows you to secure early wins and identify BBI-savvy hiring managers who can be tapped to assist under-performing managers through mentoring. After initial implementation, you should incorporate BBI training into all manager interviewing courses. 

BBI Training Tools

Manager training agenda  

Download a sample training agenda outlining the essential components of a BBI training program for all hiring managers and recruiters.

Get the sample agenda

Role-play exercises

See role-play exercises that HR partners can conduct with hiring managers during BBI training, known to be the most effective way to convey the impact of BBI and help interviewers learn to avoid common mistakes. Volunteers from the training group or temps brought in from local agencies may serve as the "candidates" during these mock interview sessions.

Download the exercises

Outreach letters from HR to hiring managers

These sample letters target three key outreach opportunities: educating managers about BBI techniques and training opportunities; inviting high-performing hiring managers to expend their role in BBI; and encouraging under-performing hiring managers to seek additional training and coaching.

Download the letters

Question selection self-test

This self-test builds interviewing skills by asking managers to distinguish open-ended, legally appropriate, and behavioral-based questions from unsatisfactory questions.

Download the self-test

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