Webconference Recording

The Manager's Guide to Retaining New Hires

About the Webconference

When staff leave with less than a year of tenure (or even in less than three years), you haven't begun to recoup the investment you've made in onboarding, training and coaching them to be a fully productive team member. Staff turnover is disruptive and costly, and creates more work for HR, managers, and remaining staff. And often, for managers, it can feel like turnover is out of your control.

Join our webconference to understand the strategies that you can employ as a manager to retain early-tenure staff.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify which new hires are most at-risk of leaving
  • Strategies to ensure day 1 for your new hire is seamless and sets the right tone for continued success
  • How to give peers a stake in new hire success
  • What you need to do differently to lead productive stay interviews