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Management Master Class

About this Series

Join these webinars for managers who are looking to hone key leadership skills including simple steps to retain more staff, coach more effectively, and manage your limited time more effectively all in 30 minutes a week.


Past Events In Series

How to Get More Done (With Less Stress)

Research shows that we spend 40% of our work time doing tasks that aren't actually important and don't advance our true priorities. Here's how to change that.

The Manager's Guide to Retaining New Hires

One in three people who leave a healthcare organization have less than a year of tenure. Learn strategies that managers can use to reduce early turnover.

How to Deliver Effective Feedback

There's no way around it: Sooner or later, you'll have to give difficult feedback in the workplace. Here's how to make these tough conversations as effective, and painless, as possible.

The 7 Conversations Managers Must Have With Employees

Learn the seven critical conversations managers must have with their employees—and how to make every conversation, from a first job interview to retirement planning, as effective as possible.