Webconference Recording

Reallocate Staffing Resources to Better Support Your Managers

About the Webconference

For some manager roles—especially clinical managers—spans of control are prohibitively large and a leading cause of overload. Managers with dozens of direct reports struggle to meaningfully engage and coach everyone on their teams, let alone find the time to think strategically and advance organizational change. Solving the problem by simply adding more manager-level FTEs is an expensive option that most organizations don't have. Instead, strategically reallocating existing staffing resources can help alleviate the overload.

In this webconference, we’ll cover two proven models organizations have used to reallocate existing staffing resources to alleviate span-of-control pressure.

What You'll Learn:

  • How health care organizations have successfully decreased spans of control (without adding several new FTEs)
  • The types of roles you can redesign to provide more support to managers
  • The elements of a compelling business case to reallocate (or add) staffing resources