Four Counterintuitive Insights on Succession Management

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About the Webconference

With looming baby boomer retirements, succession management is a hot topic for health care organizations. But as of 2012, more than 80% of hospital CEOs did not have a well-prepared successor ready to take over their positions.

View this presentation to learn the most important takeaways from our research on succession management and how to execute four critical steps:

  • Pinpoint future leadership gaps—including leaders beyond the C-suite
  • Identify top talent—through more than just the annual performance review
  • Customize high-potential development—focusing on the handful of skills most critical to the next role
  • Personalize onboarding for new hires—and don't assume internal hires already "know it all"

Presenter: Marie Katz

Topics: Workforce, Succession Management, Leadership, Skill Development, Leadership Culture, Orientation and Onboarding, Recruitment and Retention, Candidate Pool Development