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Become an Inbox Ninja in 30 Minutes

Part of our Career Essentials series

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About the Webconference

These days, email communication skill is one of the main competencies that determine your success at work. And yet many otherwise high-performing professionals still struggle with using email to accomplish their goals.

At our recent Write Better, Right Now webconference, attendees reported that email effectiveness was by far their biggest communication challenge—and they wanted even more help than we offered in the first session.

In follow up, we dedicated 30 minutes to sharing best practices for email-specific writing and email management. We used our own experiences interacting with Advisory Board members via email as well as expert analyses, research-based frameworks, and advice from executives.

Attendees of the first “Write Better, Right Now” webconference called it “the best 30 minutes of learning since high school,” “fantastic,” and “an engaging and effective seminar.”

You’ll learn:

  • Data-driven tactics for how to write messages that get opened and read
  • Formatting, structure, and word choice tips of professional email editors
  • Approaches to collaboration, delegation, and decision-making over email
  • Proven tools of persuasion and influence

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