What Can You Expect Technology to Do for Consumer Engagement?

Evaluating the Goals and Results of Health Plans with Consumer Engagement Tools

Learn how to strategically align your technology to engage consumers and maximize marketability.


In this competitive market, health plans must think critically about how they can use technology to enhance their products and, above  all, keep their customers satisfied.

Learn which technologies are worth the investment, and how to use these tools to engage customers and achieve maximum marketability.

How to prioritize investment in consumer technology

Health plans should first decrease consumer hassle, then target high-cost members

Depending on the size of the health plan investing in consumer engagement tools, they can be expensive without any guarantee of impact or ROI. Health plans surveyed for this research reported an average range of $7 to $15 million per million members budgeted for technology-related consumer engagement investments in the next five years. Most health plans hoped to increase convenience for consumers through these efforts, but they also expressed hope that these technology investments would serve to both differentiate the plan to customers and create a role for health plans to impact consumer behavior.

Despite the excitement surrounding the use of next-generation technology for consumer engagement, many health plans have minimal data on the success of pilot projects and almost no data on tracked ROI for investments already made. Partnering technology companies cite health plans’ common failure to test, measure, and correct consumer engagement efforts with tools, asserting that this will limit potential impact of the tools.

In this white paper, we evaluate goals for popular consumer engagement technologies and explore early data findings and pilot-project results to identify where health plans face the greatest challenges and potential opportunities in their consumer engagement strategies.

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