How to Strategize for the Plan of the Future

A Toolkit for Discussing the New Market Realities

From a facilitator's guide to six narratives for group discussion, here's everything you need to hold a strategic visioning session for your health plan.

Workshop Basics


Consider the impact of emerging health care trends on long-term health plan strategy


30 minutes prep, 75 minutes for workshop

Target Audience

Health plan executives and staff members responsible for strategic direction and planning

To set your health plan up for success, you need to understand what the future could look like and how to get there. With member expectations, alternative business models, and competition all growing, it's time for health plans to stake out their role.

This toolkit provides everything you need to organize and conduct your next long-term strategic planning session. We've summarized six emerging industry trends and their potential impact on health plans, and provided simple, step-by-step instructions to facilitate a strategic conversation between health plan executives.

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