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The Financial Case for a Frictionless Experience

Results and Analysis from the 2019 Health Care Experience Survey

About the Webconference

People expect a frictionless experience, especially in health care. Yet, despite spending millions of dollars on experience improvements, plans still lag behind because they aren’t investing in things that matter the most for member satisfaction and costly care use.

In our 2019 health care experience survey, we asked over 3,000 individuals about the frictions they experienced while getting care to see which ones impacted costly care use or retention.

View this presentation for key insights on where in the customer journey plans should invest to improve satisfaction and lower medical spend.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Analysis of frictions that highly impact costly care use, satisfaction, and retention
  • What factors drive patients to use costly care
  • Where to prioritize your experience improvement initiatives

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About the Health Plan Advisory Council

Our research is unique. We don’t just crunch numbers and provide data. We figure out what the most innovative health plans have done, why those strategies worked, provide you those insights, and help you implement similar solutions. This enables you to prioritize objectives, execute on proven strategies, and add immediate value. Learn more.