Webconference Recording

How IEHP's Pharmacy P4P Program Improves Drug Cost Management

Expert Q&A with Dr. Nina Duong, Clinical Pharmacist at IEHP

About the Webconference

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), a Medicaid and Medicare plan serving 1.2M members in California, is expanding the provider network that supports member drug decisions by creating a P4P program for retail and independent pharmacists. IEHP started by rewarding pharmacists for MTM consults, and now rewards pharmacists for conducting drug utilization reviews (DUR) for high-risk drugs. They have 400 pharmacists in the program and have seen a 29% decrease in DUR override rates since 2018.

Join us as we sit with Dr. Nina Duong, Clinical Pharmacist at IEHP, to learn about her experience launching this program, her lessons learned, and how other plans can emulate IEHP's success. For more details on the program and resources to implement a similar program at your program, see advisory.com/hpac/2019/iehpp4pprogram.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why IEHP started a P4P program for pharmacists
  • An overview of IEHP's program mechanics
  • Implementation roadblocks and how IEHP solved for them

Presenters: Sally Kim and Dr. Nina Duong