Webconference Recording

The Health Plan State of the Union

New Strategies to Thrive in a Market of Risk-Bearing Providers and Mobilized Members

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About the Webconference

Once the sole responsibility of health plans, risk is now a community responsibility. As MACRA implementation proceeds, providers are learning to absorb risk through value-based payments and by launching their own plans. Consumers are trading low premiums for high deductibles to control spending. Large employers have been self-funding for years, and now smaller employers are following suit. Even Medicaid beneficiaries are taking risk through new personal responsibility mandates.

As everyone cuts spending, there’s less money in the system to compensate plans for holding risk. In order to thrive, plans must welcome, rather than fight, the end of profitable risk and time new market demands. This on-demand presentation covers the key considerations for health plans as they chart new paths to new identities.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How today's demanding consumers will shape traditional insurance services and ways in which providers and purchasers are re-defining their roles
  • Examples of how to partner with risk-bearing providers
  • How to time new investments to market evolution
  • Determine new plan growth strategies for current local market