General Counsel Agenda, Fourth Quarter, 2015

A Quarterly Legal Perspective on Today's Top-of-Mind Issues

The Health Care Law Roundtable is pleased to present the 2015 fourth quarter edition of the General Counsel Agenda, a publication written for the hospital and health system in-house counsel audience. The Agenda offers legal analyses on a broad set of pressing issues in health care law, allowing your organization to stay abreast of the top concerns facing providers nationwide.

In this edition, we explore recent IT challenges faced by providers navigating the new health care landscape. From the most up-to-date information on 3D printing to the importance of data analytics, our experts highlight actionable recommendations for your team.

Our experts also explore complimentary local patient transportation programs and outline strategies for reducing anti-kickback and beneficiary inducement risk. Lastly, our experts explain why providers must rethink the commercial reasonableness of physician compensation.


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