Third-Party Clinical Decision Support Platforms

Should you outsource the headache?

third-party clinical decision support platforms

Driven by industry pressures to assume increasing financial risk, provider organizations are seeking new ways to guide clinician decision making. These efforts support the delivery of high-quality, effective care while reducing costly, unwarranted care variation. Computer-based clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care is a powerful mechanism to achieve these objectives.

Many modern EMRs contain CDS capabilities such as rule engines, predictive modeling languages, and alert and order set authoring. However, the development and use of effective CDS within the EMR requires significant clinical, IT, and knowledge management resources that many organizations do not possess. This has led an increasing number of organizations to use compartmentalized decision support platforms other than EMR to drive portions of their CDS programs.

This research report examines several examples of extra-EMR CDS products that detect sepsis, support effective resource utilization and evidence-based treatment adherence, and apply CDS from the emerging field of pharmacogenomics.

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