Consumerism Abroad: A Portuguese Case Study

How José de Mello Saúde Is Using IT to Optimize the Patient Journey

consumerism abroad portuguese case study

While many commercial industries have a strong understanding of their customer's behaviors and preferences, health care has historically underperformed in this area. Yet health care is moving from the traditional, provider-centric model of business, to a more patient-centric, value-based system.

Health care consumerism has a variety of end goals but the most important aspect is obtaining patient loyalty. Consumers around the world are starting to focus on factors beyond price, such as overall service excellence and personalized health programs, making it more challenging for providers to differentiate themselves and deliver on consumer expectations.

To optimize the patient experience and drive patient engagement, José de Mello Saúde (JMS) in Portugal reorganized their existing workflows and IT to better suit system and consumer needs. This research report discusses the changes JMS undertook and action items health care leaders can utilize to identify consumer concerns and build brand loyalty.

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