Know your numbers: How to avoid a major meaningful use pitfall

Use our resource to validate measures that share identical denominators

Important note: This resource does not apply to the current Meaningful Use program requirements. It includes information from previous rulemaking, and is available for reference purposes.

For eligible hospitals (EHs) participating in the meaningful use (MU) program, there’s a lot riding on the entry of correct numerators and denominators for performance-based measures. EHs must also validate vendor-supplied and/or internally-created report logic for core and menu set percentage-based measures. 

Inconsistent denominators may lead to an audit trigger, as CMS uses data anomalies as a selection criterion in MU audits.

To help you check your reporting, we've created reference tables that indicate identical denominators for EHs and eligible professionals (EPs) in MU Stage 1 or Stage 2. Use our resource to validate measures that share identical denominators—and avoid stepping into a reporting pitfall.

How the resource works

Review your attestation data to determine whether any of your measures yield inconsistent values. For example, several EH denominators in Stage 2 reference the number of unique patients admitted during the reporting period.

According to our tables, your Stage 2 core measure denominators for the Demographics, Vital Signs, and Patient-specific Education Resources denominators should be identical.


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