Enterprise Data Warehouses, Evolved

Fueling the Data Refinery

enterprise data warehouses evolved

Running a high-performance health system increasingly depends on the broad use of analytics to identify strategic opportunities, inform operations, and monitor ongoing performance. An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) can be a powerful strategic asset, enabling flexible analysis of an organization’s financial, clinical, and other key outcomes and delivering fast, consistent answers to improve decision making.

Historically, many nascent EDW projects have struggled to deliver, often greatly exceeding their budgets and missing initial schedule estimates. As many as half of EDW projects stumble to the extent that the projects are cancelled outright or scaled down dramatically.

In the past several years, improvements in both foundational technologies (cloud, big data platforms) and the process of scoping and building a data warehouse have improved both the cost and time to realize value from an EDW.

This research report covers:

  • The role of enterprise data warehouses in data-driven decision making
  • Historic challenges delivering value with data warehouses
  • New approaches to building an enterprise warehouse faster and more reliably
  • Pragmatic advice for new or struggling data warehouse projects

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