The Latest Meaningful Use Forecast

Mostly Sunny Skies Ahead for Modified Stage 2, and Cloudy Outlook for Stage 3

CMS's long-awaited final rule that modifies meaningful use (MU) requirements for 2015 through 2017 and establishes those for Stage 3 is finally published. This rule gives providers the “forecast” of their attestation needs for the foreseeable future.

Modified Stage 2 requirements are finalized mostly as proposed; CMS simplifies program policies, reduces reporting burdens, and aligns with Stage 3 requirements. We characterize the Modified Stage 2 forecast as “mostly sunny skies,” as providers should find the requirements somewhat easier to meet, but there are potential public health reporting complications to carefully consider. Stage 3, on the other hand, has a “cloudy” forecast, mostly because its requirements are subject to another round of public comment and what is specified appears incredibly challenging.

In this report, you'll get details of the key policies finalized in this rule. For more information, see our webconference.

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The Latest Meaningful Use Forecast


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