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How you can use AI to combat COVID-19 right now

Mackenzie Rech March 26, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is consistently overhyped, especially for its potential applications in health care. The urgency to find solutions to stem the spread of COVID-19 has added to already lofty expectations for AI.

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Q&A: Why Providence Health wants you to use its COVID-19 triage chatbot

by Virginia Reid and Taylor Hurst March 26, 2020

Providence Health, the Renton, Washington-based health system that admitted the first COVID-19 patient, is now leading the way in using digital and telehealth strategies to assess and triage cases. Advisory Board's Virginia Reid and Taylor Hurst recently spoke with Sara Vaezy, Providence's Chief Digital Strategy Officer, to learn how the system adapted its chatbot to assess and triage patients—and how the system wants to help peer organizations do the same.

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COVID-19: A proving ground for technology

Andrew Rebhan March 25, 2020

What a time to be a technology innovator and early adopter.

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3 ways to ramp up telehealth to deal with COVID-19

by Virginia Reid, Analyst and Taylor Hurst, Senior Consultant March 20, 2020

Capacity is a top concern for most hospital and health system leaders given the anticipated surge in COVID-19 cases, and many are turning to telehealth to expand capacity while keeping patients and clinicians safe.

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CMS expanded Medicare telehealth to confront COVID-19. Here's what's changed—and what hasn't.

by Jordan Angers and John League March 19, 2020

CMS announced it is expanding Medicare reimbursement for a wider range of telehealth services. The expanded scope of reimbursed services is intended to limit patient travel and preserve provider capacity in response to COVID-19, and will continue throughout the federal coronavirus public health emergency.

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Are you ready to leverage telehealth against COVID-19? Here are 3 steps to prepare.

by Jordan Angers and John League March 18, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 could result in a surge of diagnosed cases in hospitals and a significant strain on hospitals' capacity. Telehealth can help hospitals extend their clinical reach while maintaining social distancing.

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What CIOs can learn from the 2020 Iowa caucus

by Stephanie Estevez and Andrew Rebhan March 12, 2020

Chaos and confusion characterized the February 2020 Iowa caucus because a key technology rollout failed. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) commissioned a smartphone app in an attempt to more efficiently tally and report votes. However, a series of cascading missteps saw the 2020 Iowa caucus suffer from delayed vote reporting, inconsistencies in results, and concern among Iowans that some individual votes weren't calculated.

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CMS, ONC just finalized sweeping rules on patient data. Here are our 4 key takeaways.

by Ye Hoffman, Julia Connell, Natalie Trebes, and Heather Bell March 9, 2020

On Monday, CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) dropped two highly anticipated final rules to expand patients' access to health information, improve interoperability, and crack down on information blocking.

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