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Meet the newest health care robots

by Jim Adams and Andrew Rebhan March 19, 2018

Rapid technological advancement in robotics—sensors, computers, natural vision processing, etc.—and hardware improvement continue to open up new possibilities for robotics in health care.

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Artificial intelligence reality check: Your team must prepare for these challenges

by Greg Kuhnen and by Andrew Rebhan March 5, 2018

The artificial intelligence (AI) space is popular, immature, and crowded with options, but there are several challenges organizations need to keep in mind as AI adoption in health care moves forward.

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Preparing your HIMSS18 itinerary? Read this first.

by Naomi Levinthal and Sophie Ranen March 2, 2018

This post was updated on March 2, 2018

Our team is excited to attend HIMSS18 in just a couple weeks. With more than 45,000 attendees expected at the conference, we hope to see you there! 

Between the networking opportunities, exhibition, and education sessions, this massive event can be overwhelming to navigate. As you start to plan your itinerary, here are our recommendations for how to make the most of your time at HIMSS:

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The secret to engaged physicians at go-live: Personalize the EHR

by Dan Clark February 23, 2018

I often compare an EHR implementation and go-live to getting a new smartphone. Out of the box, it's a powerful tool, but it doesn't truly become effective until you start to download applications, add your email and contacts, and pick a personal picture as your background.

Just like your new smartphone, EHRs aren't ready to perform at their best out of the box and always require some degree of personalization. EHR personalization may sound like one more step in a long, multi-staged implementation and go-live, but it can often be the difference between adoption and rejection.

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Medication nonadherence is a $300 billion problem—here's how 3 IT vendors want to solve it

Peter Kilbridge and Andrew Rebhan February 15, 2018

The health care industry has a $300 billion problem: nonadherence to prescribed medications.

Nonadherence has many potential causes. Some patients don't fill prescriptions because of concerns about drug costs. Some take medication inconsistently or at the wrong dose. And some choose not to follow their doctor's orders out of laziness, distrust, or an aversion to side effects.

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4 keys to finding—and retaining—the right security leader

Ernie Hood , Allyson Vicars February 12, 2018

The current cybersecurity landscape brings a host of problems for health care organizations (HCOs): Escalating financial stakes, sophisticated and quickly-evolving cyber threats, and an incredibly in-demand security talent market.

Join us Feb. 15 to learn how executive leaders can prepare for key security vulnerabilities

At the helm of an organization's cybersecurity talent is the chief information security officer (CISO). Today, the CISO is central to the provider organization's ability to fulfill its mission to care for patients, but finding and keeping an effective, talented CISO can be a challenge.

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Why nurse executive input is crucial in IT rollouts

John Kontor, MD January 30, 2018

Recently, I received emails from two chief nursing executives at separate organizations calling me out for initially excluding the CNO/CNIO role from one of our infographics, Why the EHR life cycle is just like raising a child. If I'm being honest, my initial reaction was confusion and defensiveness. But as I gathered my thoughts, I realized I shared their indignation, and I was guilty of the oversight.

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The MIPS reporting deadline is just weeks away. Get our tips for a smooth experience.

by Naomi Levinthal and Ye Hoffman January 29, 2018

Under MACRA, 2017 marked the first year of CMS's Quality Payment Program (QPP), with its two new payment tracks: the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APM) and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). For providers subject to MIPS, now is the time to submit their Year 1 performance data to CMS. These data will be used to determine whether providers are due a positive, negative, or neutral payment adjustment to their Medicare Part B claims in 2019.

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