Webconference Recording

Precision Medicine 101

How IT leaders can support truly holistic patient care

About the Webconference

Precision medicine has the potential to dramatically transform health care delivery. However, as with any major investments, health system leaders need to take a thoughtful approach to implement a precision medicine program. IT leaders in particular are challenged to effectively acquire, share, and use massive new data streams (e.g., genomics, social determinants of health data, patient-reported information) across patient cohorts and partner ecosystems. This presentation will provide an introduction to the field of precision medicine, and give some initial strategic steps for IT leaders to prepare for the new era of patient care.

Things You'll Learn:

  • A summary of the opportunities and challenges that come with precision medicine
  • IT implications for precision medicine, particularly around how to harness the power of data
  • An overview of investment and adoption trends, and some early use cases from health systems