Webconference Series

2019 Health Care IT Advisor Virtual Summit

Build your business and deliver on digital disruption

About this Series

We are excited to announce the 2019 Health Care IT Advisory Virtual Summit Series, which will run from July 30 through August 8, 2019.

In this series, we’ll review 2019 health care IT market trends important to our members and the broader industry. This series will address business excellence, digital disruption, and how to respond to these evolving needs. Our sessions will cover:

  1. The digital front door
  2. Leadership, including engagement and retention
  3. Emerging technologies
  4. The EHR’s role in clinician wellness
  5. Effective vendor partnerships

Past Events In Series

EHR Optimization: A Prescription for Clinician Burnout

This 30-minute presentation will describe the EHR's role in clinician burnout, and offer practical recommendations to address this growing problem.

How to Negotiate Win-Win Technology Contracts

This 30-minute session is intended for anyone with a stake in the technology negotiations and contracting process.

Assemble the Digital Transformation Dream Team

This hour-long presentation will provide tactics for IT leaders to cultivate the skills and resources to excel in digital transformation.

Precision Medicine 101

This 30-minute presentation will provide an introduction to the field of precision medicine, and give some initial strategic steps for IT leaders to prepare for the new era of patient care.

Build Your Digital Front Door

From search, to scheduling, to care delivery, to follow up and support, learn in this hour-long presentation what services patients actually use and how to adapt existing systems and processes to deliver the digital experience patients want.

Natural Language Processing 101

This 30-minute presentation will provide an overview of NLP for both IT and non-IT leaders as they plan for the next stage of digital transformation.

2019 State of the Union

This hour-long session provides a landscape scan of the latest trends in health care.