Webconference Recording

Security and the C-Suite

Leadership’s Role in Building a Cyber-Resilient Organization

About the Webconference

The prevalence of disruptive cyberattacks and large breaches in 2016 focused a magnifying glass on cybersecurity for health care organizations. As C-Suites and Boards grapple with this “new” priority, they often turn to the CIO for clarity and guidance in cybersecurity’s complicated and constantly evolving landscape. A firm grasp of health care’s key vulnerabilities can help executive leaders better understand their role and how they can focus the organization’s efforts to build resilience.

This session will:

  • Examine how executive leaders can help prepare for health care’s key security vulnerabilities
  • Analyze critical areas of the cybersecurity ecosystem in which executive leaders can impact organizational resilience
  • Introduce a cybersecurity maturity model to gauge and track progress toward a higher maturity security posture