Webconference Recording

Clinical Decision Support

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

About the Webconference

Despite its early promise, clinical decision support (CDS) for decades has contributed little to care quality and caused frustration to clinicians and disruption to clinical workflows. But today, new and emerging forms of CDS are beginning to produce real clinical value, and promise improved care quality and financial savings at the level of the individual patient and across populations. Senior IT and clinician executives should understand these emerging approaches and prepare to manage their requirements as well as their impact on the provider organization.

This session will:

  • Review sources of CDS performance failure and ways of minimizing their effects
  • Identify the impact of new interoperability standards on CDS evolution
  • Explore new forms of CDS including extra-EMR methods, analytics-driven CDS, and the potential value—and challenges—of employing genomics/pharmacogenomics-based CDS