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No-Regrets Health IT Priorities for Uncertain Times

2017 Health Care IT Advisor National Meeting Series

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Security and the C-Suite

The increased prevalence of cyberattacks and large breaches against health care organizations demand that IT and non-IT executive leaders work together to address this "new" priority. Get up to speed on the cybersecurity landscape and different opportunities to engage executive leadership in the issue.

Clinical Decision Support

New and emerging forms of clinical decision support (CDS) are beginning to produce real clinical value. Learn about these emerging approaches and prepare to manage their requirements and impact on provider organizations.

Interoperability: Can You Hear Me Now?

Data, workflows, and clinical knowledge still do not flow across systems as easily as they should. Explore the new generation of approaches, such as HL7 FHIR, SMART, the CommonWell Health Alliance, and CareQuality, that aim to smooth the flow of information.

Digital Health Systems

Health care transformation, the critical and expanding role of IT, and exponential technologies have resulted in the emergence of digital health systems. Get up to speed on emerging technologies and position your organization to take full advantage of IT-powered capabilities and innovation.