Webconference Recording

Data Mining Challenges and Rewards

A Conversation with Intermountain and UNC Health Care

About the Webconference

This discussion forum discusses how data mining can be applied in complex provider settings to deliver significant clinical and financial value. Greg Kuhnen, a senior director on our IT team, will lead a panel of experts from Intermountain and UNC Health Care to discuss their data mining initiatives, challenges and results. Topics will include how data mining fits into an overall BI and analytics framework, why it currently has more applicability than over-hyped Big Data, and what provider organizations can do to ensure success. Attendees will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panel.

You'll learn:

  • The main benefits, areas of applicability, and challenges for data mining
  • Where data mining fits in a broader Business Intelligence/analytics program
  • Key factors for successful data mining


Kenneth Kleinberg, Managing Director, Advisory Board


  • Greg Kuhnen, Senior Director, Advisory Board
  • Lonny Northrup, Senior Health Informaticist, Intermountain
  • Jason Burke, System VP of Enterprise and Data Sciences and Chief Analytics Officer, UNC Health Care