Mobile Health Care 2.Oh! The Mouse Has Left the House

2013-2014 National Meeting Highlights

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About the Webconference

Mobile health care is no longer just an additional way for health care professionals and patients to access health information; it’s becoming the central way they access, communicate, and collaborate.

The rapid proliferation of gesture-driven smart phones, tablets, and mobile medical devices—-combined with the availability of high-speed wireless networks—-has created new opportunities for providers to support ever-more complex clinical processes across the care continuum and has enabled greater caregiver–patient engagement. However, many organizations are overwhelmed with choices, bogged down by their incumbent vendors, and unsure how to manage and secure the proliferation of mobile devices being brought into their organizations.

See research from our recent national meeting series, and learn imperatives for providers in key mobile health domains, including social media, patient monitoring, disease management, and wellness.

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Topics: Mobility, Information Technology