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Your 2018 pulse check on provider-supplier risk-sharing arrangements

Brandi Greenberg March 2, 2018

What's the current state of provider-supplier risk-sharing arrangements? And what do Advisory Board experts anticipate from these deals—often called outcomes-based contracts (OBCs)—in the near-term future? These are member questions we have tried to answer through webconferences, blog posts, insights articles, and conversations with many of you and your colleagues.

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Expert perspective: What we can expect from BPCI Advanced conveners

by Hunter Sinclair and Matt Pesesky February 19, 2018

In January, just months after rolling back several mandatory bundled payment programs, CMS announced a new voluntary bundled payment initiative. The design of the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced) program has not only spurred renewed interest in episodic cost management, but has also changed the way organizations are viewing bundled payment "conveners" in light of the immediate transition to downside risk and complex implications related to MACRA.

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The unexpected impact of patient experience on hospital margins

by Brandi Greenberg, Jessie Goldman and Matt Pesesky February 2, 2018

Improving patient experience is an intrinsically valuable goal—and one providers have pursued because of its direct impact on reimbursement. But the lesser-known truth is that patient experience impacts health system margins beyond an individual facility's HCAHPS score. As more consumers rely on word-of-mouth referrals, their experience determines not just whether an individual returns for care, but whether he or she recommends that provider to friends and family.

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4 ways recent payer-provider M&A activity is reshaping health care

by Brandi Greenberg and Jessie Goldman January 25, 2018

The health care industry is no stranger to mergers and acquisitions, but in a span of roughly two weeks last month, we saw three huge acquisition announcements that were anything but typical. CVS plans to buy Aetna for $69 billion in cash and stock; UnitedHealth Group's Optum unit will acquire DaVita Medical Group for $4.9 billion in cash; and Humana, along with two private equity firms, has agreed to buy Kindred Healthcare for $4.1 billion (Humana will pay $810 million for a 40% stake in Kindred's home health care business).

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How micro-hospitals impact system strategy

Brandi Greenberg January 5, 2018

You may have heard of—or even started working with—micro-hospitals, but do you understand how health systems are using these sites to advance their strategic goals?

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3 ways the 2018 Final Outpatient Payment Rule will impact your health system customers

by Brandi Greenberg and Shobhita Narain December 19, 2017

It's no secret that care is moving from inpatient to outpatient care settings at a rapid pace. The recently released Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) Final Rule illustrates 'CMS's intention to gradually shift more procedures to outpatient sites. The rule calls for a 1.4% year-over-year increase in hospital outpatient service payments—'a boost of about $5.8B—but that's hardly the big news.

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How to prevent data breaches from causing permanent damage to your reputation

by Russell Davis and Jessie Goldman November 27, 2017

Cybersecurity has made its way to the top of health leaders' priority lists—and with good reason: A recent report notes that 89% of health care organizations (HCOs) experienced a data breach over the past two years. We've previously written about how HCOs can prevent data breaches, but the inevitability of these events means providers should also be planning for the worst case scenario.

Following a breach, it's important to recover data and shore up security, but these efforts will be for naught if they aren't communicated properly. In cases where patient data is leaked, "speed is the name of the game," according to Brian Ellis of Padilla, a PR agency. Organizations have to respond quickly and honestly to avoid lasting damage to their brand.

To learn more effective breach communications strategies, we interviewed cybersecurity crisis management experts at three firms: Lovell Communications, a health care public relations and crisis communication firm; Padilla, a PR agency; and, Revive Health, a marketing agency. Here's what they had to say.

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What to believe (and not believe) about the new CA drug price law

By Jessica Liu and Shobhita Narain November 8, 2017

California's new drug price transparency law (SB 17) has, understandably, sent shock waves across the pharmaceutical industry—after all, the measure has been called "the nation's most sweeping effort" to make prescription drug pricing more transparent.

In a nutshell, the law requires drug manufacturers to provide notice to payers and consumers 60 days in advance of a planned price hike of 16% or more. Furthermore, it requires manufacturers to provide justification for the hike.

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