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4 big trends that raised some eyebrows at our recent meeting of health system CEOs

by Jessie Goldman and Yulan Egan October 1, 2018

Every year, Advisory Board Research convenes a series of meetings for hospital and health system CEOs. This year's meetings feature a wide-ranging discussion including providers' role in addressing the opioid crisis, the impact of vertical integration on health system strategy, and the importance of cost discipline in ensuring continued strategic flexibility.

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How to uncover and target your CV provider customers' most critical needs

by Miriam Sznycer-Taub and Shobhita Narain September 17, 2018

In segmenting your provider customer base, you may be tempted to rely on commonly available data, such as revenue and bed size. But is there a better, more nuanced way? Our recent presentation, CV Customer Archetypes and Segmentation Strategy, discussed new opportunities to define your cardiovascular (CV) customers, understand their metrics of success, and identify what they might look for in a vendor. Here are three highlights from the discussion.

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Providers have new facility planning priorities—and cost isn't the top concern. Here's what is.

by Viggy Parr Hampton, MPH and Lindsay Conway September 4, 2018

We all know provider margins are shrinking and that hospitals are looking to cut costs wherever possible. So it would seem that cost would be the number one factor driving hospital capital purchasing decisions, from equipment purchasing to facility planning.

Except in the case of facility planning … it isn't.

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The provider-pharma relationship is 'broken.' Here's how pharmacy executives say it can be fixed.

by Jessica Liu and Brandi Greenberg August 6, 2018

Brandi Greenberg, Managing Director, recently sat down with eight leading health system pharmacy executives. Her objective? Understand the shifting focus and needs of pharmacy executives. However, their conversation took a turn. In this Q&A with Advisory Board's Jessica Liu, Brandi explains why the conversation detoured and recaps the need-to-know insights for pharmaceutical companies.

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Working with co-owned hospitals: 3 things you need to know

by Jessica Liu and Viggy Hampton, MPH June 25, 2018

Working with just one hospital can be difficult—and working with a hospital co-owned and managed by two independent entities could be an even bigger headache.

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The Ascension-Ramsay venture: 3 lessons for suppliers

by Russell Davis May 29, 2018

Two health giants recently announced a global alliance, and it wasn't to create a center of excellence or collaborate on academic research: It was to drive down supplier costs. St. Louis-based Ascension and Sydney-based Ramsay Health have formed a joint venture to create a "global health care buying group."

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What you need to know about cardiovascular device trends

by Matt Pesesky, Jessica Liu, and Jessie Goldman May 16, 2018

Editor's note: This blog post was updated on May 21, 2018.

Hospital and health system leaders face unparalleled pressures as they address shifting reimbursement, technology, and care delivery landscapes—and cardiovascular (CV) service line leaders are no exception.

To learn more about CV leaders' unique challenges and priorities, I sat down with David Vuletich, an Advisory Board research expert who has provided guidance to CV leaders and planners about strategic decisions and growth opportunities.

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How suppliers can support providers' product evidence development

by Jessica Liu and Matt Pesesky April 30, 2018

Providers aren't just evaluating procedures and processes, they're measuring your products as well. To improve patient care, they are trying to use data to determine which products work best for their caregivers in their system. Manufacturers can benefit from coordinating with providers to develop this data—and we'll show you four ways to do so below.

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