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The Ascension-Ramsay venture: 3 lessons for suppliers

by Russell Davis May 29, 2018

Two health giants recently announced a global alliance, and it wasn't to create a center of excellence or collaborate on academic research: It was to drive down supplier costs. St. Louis-based Ascension and Sydney-based Ramsay Health have formed a joint venture to create a "global health care buying group."

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What you need to know about cardiovascular device trends

by Matt Pesesky, Jessica Liu, and Jessie Goldman May 16, 2018

Editor's note: This blog post was updated on May 21, 2018.

Hospital and health system leaders face unparalleled pressures as they address shifting reimbursement, technology, and care delivery landscapes—and cardiovascular (CV) service line leaders are no exception.

To learn more about CV leaders' unique challenges and priorities, I sat down with David Vuletich, an Advisory Board research expert who has provided guidance to CV leaders and planners about strategic decisions and growth opportunities.

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How suppliers can support providers' product evidence development

by Jessica Liu and Matt Pesesky April 30, 2018

Providers aren't just evaluating procedures and processes, they're measuring your products as well. To improve patient care, they are trying to use data to determine which products work best for their caregivers in their system. Manufacturers can benefit from coordinating with providers to develop this data—and we'll show you four ways to do so below.

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You can help providers meet patients' behavioral health needs. Here's where to start.

by Russell Davis and Viggy Parr April 2, 2018

Today, providers are faced with patients needing both behavioral health (BH) services and other medical care—and your health system customers are struggling to keep up. Mental health is a major contributor to physical health, and with the rise of dual-diagnosis patients, providers need to treat the whole patient. Suppliers and service providers can plug in to provider care gaps and smooth the care continuum.

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Your 2018 pulse check on provider-supplier risk-sharing arrangements

Brandi Greenberg , Matt Pesesky March 2, 2018

What's the current state of provider-supplier risk-sharing arrangements? And what do Advisory Board experts anticipate from these deals—often called outcomes-based contracts (OBCs)—in the near-term future? These are member questions we have tried to answer through webconferences, blog posts, insights articles, and conversations with many of you and your colleagues.

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Expert perspective: What we can expect from BPCI Advanced conveners

by Hunter Sinclair and Matt Pesesky February 19, 2018

In January, just months after rolling back several mandatory bundled payment programs, CMS announced a new voluntary bundled payment initiative. The design of the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced) program has not only spurred renewed interest in episodic cost management, but has also changed the way organizations are viewing bundled payment "conveners" in light of the immediate transition to downside risk and complex implications related to MACRA.

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The unexpected impact of patient experience on hospital margins

by Brandi Greenberg, Jessie Goldman and Matt Pesesky February 2, 2018

Improving patient experience is an intrinsically valuable goal—and one providers have pursued because of its direct impact on reimbursement. But the lesser-known truth is that patient experience impacts health system margins beyond an individual facility's HCAHPS score. As more consumers rely on word-of-mouth referrals, their experience determines not just whether an individual returns for care, but whether he or she recommends that provider to friends and family.

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4 ways recent payer-provider M&A activity is reshaping health care

by Brandi Greenberg and Jessie Goldman January 25, 2018

The health care industry is no stranger to mergers and acquisitions, but in a span of roughly two weeks last month, we saw three huge acquisition announcements that were anything but typical. CVS plans to buy Aetna for $69 billion in cash and stock; UnitedHealth Group's Optum unit will acquire DaVita Medical Group for $4.9 billion in cash; and Humana, along with two private equity firms, has agreed to buy Kindred Healthcare for $4.1 billion (Humana will pay $810 million for a 40% stake in Kindred's home health care business).

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