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How to prevent data breaches from causing permanent damage to your reputation

by Russell Davis and Jessie Goldman November 27, 2017

Cybersecurity has made its way to the top of health leaders' priority lists—and with good reason: A recent report notes that 89% of health care organizations (HCOs) experienced a data breach over the past two years. We've previously written about how HCOs can prevent data breaches, but the inevitability of these events means providers should also be planning for the worst case scenario.

Following a breach, it's important to recover data and shore up security, but these efforts will be for naught if they aren't communicated properly. In cases where patient data is leaked, "speed is the name of the game," according to Brian Ellis of Padilla, a PR agency. Organizations have to respond quickly and honestly to avoid lasting damage to their brand.

To learn more effective breach communications strategies, we interviewed cybersecurity crisis management experts at three firms: Lovell Communications, a health care public relations and crisis communication firm; Padilla, a PR agency; and, Revive Health, a marketing agency. Here's what they had to say.

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What to believe (and not believe) about the new CA drug price law

By Jessica Liu and Shobhita Narain November 8, 2017

California's new drug price transparency law (SB 17) has, understandably, sent shock waves across the pharmaceutical industry—after all, the measure has been called "the nation's most sweeping effort" to make prescription drug pricing more transparent.

In a nutshell, the law requires drug manufacturers to provide notice to payers and consumers 60 days in advance of a planned price hike of 16% or more. Furthermore, it requires manufacturers to provide justification for the hike.

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4 things you need to know about patient interest in virtual visits

by Brandi Greenberg and Jessie Goldman October 25, 2017

The market for virtual visits appears to be growing rapidly. Providers are conducting more visits online and the vast majority of employers plan to offer telehealth services this year. But are patients really eager and ready to take advantage of such services?

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Hospital CFOs get tougher on contracting: What it means for you

Russell Davis , Matt Pesesky October 11, 2017

Whether your company directly works with health system CFOs or not, the CFO influences every supplier. Our CFO "black book" contains an update of the major market forces influencing CFO decision-making, an overview of their overarching goals, and more than 40 strategies they're using to achieve them.

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The imaging landscape is changing. Here's what you need to know.

by Brandi Greenberg, Viggy Parr, and Matt Pesesky September 27, 2017

Health system leaders are being pulled in two directions. On the one hand, the shift toward consumerism is forcing them to focus on individual patients' needs. On the other, the emergence of value-based payment (VBP) programs and other population health endeavors is compelling providers to think about the health needs of a larger patient population.

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3 ways our new market profiles can boost your commercial success

by Jessica Liu and Shobhita Narain September 11, 2017

Understanding your customers and the markets in which they operate is crucial for forging and maintaining strong client relationships. To help you and your teams better understand the market dynamics affecting major Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), we recently released a set of 18 new MSA profiles, and now offer a total of 33. View the profiles.

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3 things to know about hospitals' recent margin compression

Brandi Greenberg August 31, 2017

After several years of restrained cost growth, last year marked the first time since 2013 that not-for-profit providers saw annual expense growth outpace annual revenue growth. Coupled with continued price and volume pressures, rising expenses contributed to a significant deterioration in hospitals' financial performance for FY 2016. And the outlook for future years is anything but rosy. As Beth Wexler, a Moody's Vice President, projected, "Tighter margins will weigh on the sector going forward."

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Say goodbye to your waiting room woes (in 2037)

by Jessica Liu and Jessie Goldman August 15, 2017

Members love to ask us about the immediate future of health care delivery. But rather than just fixating on what may happen a few years out, our recent webconference underscored why providers and suppliers should also start thinking about monumental changes that—while 15 or 20 years out—would fundamentally change the way health care is delivered. 

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