Health System Meeting Preparation Toolkit

It is becoming increasingly important to be able to communicate the value of your products and services to leadership and executive-level contacts in health systems. However, because these opportunities can be rare, it’s essential enterprise-level strategic account managers are equipped with the right information and understand what questions to ask in advance of meetings with key provider stakeholders.

We asked IDN leaders how suppliers could improve their performance in these meetings and there was a clear consensus: system leaders are frustrated when you do not have fundamental knowledge about the health system, do not have an understanding of that health system’s product selection processes, and fail to connect your products and services to the system’s strategic priorities.

We have created this toolkit to help you and your staff prepare for meetings with system service line leader and executive contacts. This includes a list of questions you should be able to answer about the health systems’ financial, operational, and quality performance, its local market and competitors, current investment priorities, and past purchasing patterns.

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