Health Care Jargon Dictionary

Your guide to demystifying health vocabulary

Behavioral Health

Health care is so full of acronyms and jargon that it can be easy to get tripped up. What’s the difference between an HIE and an HIX? Which new executive roles are emerging at hospitals? What does MACRA actually stand for?

We’ve created this dictionary to review frequently referenced health terms that you might not have understood, but didn't want to ask your customers to define. This resource explains one hundred terms related to reform and innovation, payment and insurance, sites of care, personnel, and health organizations. We've also linked certain acronyms to relevant Advisory Board resources, such as our C-Suite Cheat Sheets.

Keep this booklet nearby as your go-to resource to demystify wonky health care acronyms, provide context to your everyday conversations, and help you speak fluently about health care trends and concepts with your provider customers. Click on any letter in the table of contents to be taken to terms for that letter.

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