The evolving role of surgeons in medical device evaluation and selection

Results from The Advisory Board Company’s 2015 Proceduralist Survey

The need for hospitals to control costs is not exactly news. But since 2012, when year-over-year hospital cost growth surpassed revenue growth, the pressure to contain costs has intensified. Emboldened by recent success and continued pressure to further reduce per-case costs, many supply chain leaders are pushing ahead with expanded efforts to influence—if not dictate—physicians’ product preferences and use.

The increased reliance on data transparency is only one tool highlighted in our recent survey of proceduralists, which aimed to shed light on two key areas of broad concern to suppliers:

  • How surgeons’ roles in product evaluation and selection are changing
  • How their asks of vendors are evolving

Read on to see the results of our survey, and research on surgeons’ changing roles and evolving requests of vendors.


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