Webconference Recording

2020 State of the Industry Update

Is Hindsight 20/20?

About the Webconference

Almost daily, we hear about companies within and beyond the industry that are trying to disrupt and rebuild the U.S. health care system. Amid so much noise, you need to be able to differentiate hype from reality. Our annual state of the industry will explore four trends affecting entities across the health care ecosystem: the resurgence of independent physician groups, the shift of care towards patients' homes, growing applications of AI across the health care value chain, and the emergence of new clinical technologies. For each trend, we'll discuss the current and future state, the headwinds or tailwinds that might propel or hinder further movement, and the ripple effects on suppliers' and service firms' businesses.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Four trends impacting all health care entities, regardless of their current strategy
  • Projections around how each of these trends may unfold over the coming years and what factors might accelerate or hinder that trajectory
  • Ways in which these trends, independently and together, will impact health care suppliers and service firms