Webconference Recording

C-Suite Agenda 2019

How You Can Help Providers Defend Their Margins

About the Webconference

Providers continue to struggle with margin management, particularly as familiar and new players try to disrupt the industry. In response, hospitals and health systems are undertaking new cost control measures while also trying to increase revenue and grow their business. As providers employ these new strategies, we'll see a shift in the types of products they purchase and the processes by which they purchase them.

This presentation will overview the key challenges facing the health system C-suite in 2019 and distill how providers are trying to improve both sides of the margin equation. We'll also focus on how provider purchasing behavior will change as a result, and discuss the impact those changes will have on suppliers and service firms.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why health system margins are threatened by the emergence of new disruptors in health care
  • How health systems will engage in new cost control and revenue generating efforts
  • How suppliers and service providers can respond to new health system purchasing patterns and processes