Webconference Recording

C-Suite Agenda 2016

How You Can Help Providers Achieve True Integration

About the Webconference

From payment reform to changing demographics, there’s no shortage of market forces consuming time and resources for health care providers. But with so much energy focused outward, many have been slow to align their organizational infrastructure, processes, and people to deliver on what patients and purchasers are demanding.

Success requires that your customers break down internal silos in operations and care delivery to become a tight-knit, cohesive system. Yet making this transition won’t be easy. It will require a different set of core competencies built upon clinical standardization, care coordination, and a more rigorous approach to supply chain management and capital budgeting across sites.

This presentation will highlight the investments providers need to make to become highly integrated health care organizations. We’ll also explore how medical suppliers and professional service providers can support them along the way to achieve the benefits of true systemness.

Presenter: Jessica Liu