Prioritizing the Investment Plan for Population Health Management

See the results of our 2013 Population Health Survey

Explore trends in the top three investment areas for population health management: a flexible care management workforce, analytics to drive value from IT, and a preferred partner network.

Prioritizing the Investment Plan for Population Health Management

Results at a glance:

      • Population health managers must prioritize investments in workforce, IT, and network development
      • Leaders report care management workforce (staff, medical homes, new leadership competencies) as the #1 investment
      • Top IT investments include risk segmentation analytics, patient care registries, and patient portals
      • Most respondents have implemented partnerships with community organizations, including community service groups, local health clinics, and employers

Create a disciplined investment plan

The list of competing investment priorities for population health managers is daunting. Ultimately, the most important investments fit into three key areas:

Best-in-class organizations set a high bar for returns on care management investments and strategically allocate resources to ensure maximum impact across these areas.

The Care Transformation Center surveyed 180 health systems, standalone community hospitals, academic medical centers, and physician practices from July-October 2013 to offer a unique snapshot of population health managers' investment priorities.

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