Where population health managers are today—and where they're headed

See the results of our 2013 Population Health Survey

The Care Transformation Center surveyed 180 health systems, standalone community hospitals, academic medical centers, and physician practices from July-October 2013 to offer a unique snapshot of where providers are on the path toward population health management.

Here's what we found.

Contracting for Population Health Management

Half of recently surveyed providers anticipate that at least 50% of their business will come from risk-based contracts in the next three years. Find out how they're measuring success—and get tips for starting with care or contract-led transformation.


Prioritizing the Investment Plan for Population Health Management

Explore trends in the top three investment areas for population health management: a flexible care management workforce, analytics to drive value from IT, and a preferred partner network.


Designing the Care Management Infrastructure

How are best-in-class population health managers deploying care management resources for high-, rising-, and low-risk patients? See how they're using medical homes, group visits, patient portals, and more.


10 insights on the transition to population health

10 insights on the transition to population health

From Jim Field’s perspective on why health systems haven’t reaped more benefit from scale to Hiten Patel’s anecdotes on retail clinic site planning, read 10 articles that reflect our latest thinking on how to navigate the transition to population health.


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