Achieving Financial Returns on Electronic Medical Records

By reading this white paper, members will learn:

  • How to set up a benefits realization team for EMR implementation
  • Early adopters' demonstrated financial returns from EMR
  • Successful implementation case studies, including an in-depth look at Sentara

Executive Summary

Finance executives often don't oversee IT implementation, but know that IT investments consume a sizeable and growing portion of capital budgets. Many health systems view these expenditures—of which EMR systems are often the largest—as financially dilutive investments necessary to comply with government mandates and support institutional quality efforts.

However, we believe that health systems can implement financially beneficial EMR systems by engaging senior finance executives and appealing to stakeholders across the organization to drive implementation.

Early action, specific targets

Now is a critical time for financially sustainable EMR adoption. The bulk of financial benefits—and other advantages—of EMR systems typically accrue in the latter stages of EMR implementation, which health systems are preparing to meet in the coming years.

Our research shows that health systems are more likely to realize benefits if there are specific targets to track toward. Unfortunately, benefits are unlikely to occur as mere side effects of an IT-driven implementation process.

Learn More

Ensure that your EMR strategy achieves financial returns by learning how to:

  • Work with other decision makers to select the best modules and time frame
  • Select the right metrics for investments leading to additional savings or revenues
  • Track performance to ensure financial benefits

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