Maternity Care Management

From Managing Vulnerable Populations

This is an excerpt from our research briefing, Managing Vulnerable Populations.

This briefing explores strategies for improving care management for three distinct Medicaid patient populations: pregnant women, patients with chronic conditions, and dual-eligible patients, or those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Promote an Evidence-Based Approach

Maternity care is as much about patient outreach and awareness as it is about the care episode. For maternity care, extend your reach across the pre- and postnatal episode, and instill common standards with all providers to maximize inpatient safety and quality. A pre-term infant spends on average 13 days in the hospital compared to 1.5 days for a healthy infant.

Any strategy for addressing Medicaid care management must begin with opportunities for reducing episodic costs, and maternity care is the number one source of admissions for Medicaid patients.

Start by making a clear care pathway for pregnancy that includes pre- and postnatal care.

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