Five Steps to Build the Advanced Medical Home

The advanced medical home is what's next in primary care innovation. Get five strategies for evolving the current model to scale care management across the health system.

A medical home is a care delivery model that has these characteristics.

Beyond that, the medical home is a critical piece of the care management enterprise for those systems managing the health of an entire population.

While the medical home has received mixed press lately, the problem isn’t with the model itself.

The problem is with how we’ve used it. When effectively deployed, medical homes can reduce costs and increase panel size—and that’s a good place to start.

The advanced medical home is the next step in primary care innovation.

And it’s the first step to truly scale care management across the health system. We need to take the best of the current medical home model and continue to evolve care team roles, the patient experience, conditions treated, patient access, and more.

Here are five steps to build the advanced medical home.

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Renovating your medical home

1. Reevaluate care team tasks
Advanced medical homes continue to revisit and reassign tasks to fully deploy the primary care team.

2. Elevate the medical assistant to a central care team role
With a little extra training, MAs can help the practice achieve larger care management goals.

3. Help physicians prioritize patient interventions
To make the best use of each patient interaction, physicians must focus on the information most critical for complicated patients.

4. Capture data and educate patients when they’re waiting
Turn waiting time in today’s practice into opportunities to collect data and educate patients.

5. Incorporate group education and caregiver support into the patient visit
Take full advantage of the time you have with patients by focusing on education and engagement both inside and outside the clinic.


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