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An explosion of interest in the clinical integration model

Across the industry, hospitals and health systems have embraced clinical integration (CI) with enthusiasm. A strategy that allows hospitals to organize both employed and independent physicians into a single network focused on performance improvement, CI programs are launching in every region of the country.

As indication of how rapidly this growth has taken place, consider that when the Health Care Advisory Board first began studying CI strategy in 2008, researchers were able to identify only five CI networks widely known to exist, primarily affiliated with either large independent practice associations (IPAs) or health systems. Although no hard data is available to show the total number of CI programs that exist today, Advisory Board research has identified more than 500 organizations that are currently pursuing this strategy, including health systems and physician groups of all shapes and sizes.

Recent Years Seeing Exponential Growth in Network Development

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An Evolving Mandate

New interest in a long-standing alignment platform