Lessons from the C-suite

Library of C-suite interviews from 2012-present

Welcome to the our library of the "Lessons from the C-suite" series, featuring President Eric Larsen's conversations with the most influential leaders in health care. Below, you'll find all the interviews Eric has done, organized by year.


How Harvard Pilgrim's CEO navigated an $8B merger—and how he's envisioning a post-Covid future of health care
Michael Carson, president and CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care | July 29, 2020

'A movement that cannot be silenced': CommonSpirit CEO Lloyd Dean on confronting racism in health care
Lloyd H. Dean, CEO of CommonSpirit Health | July 21, 2020

Mayo Clinic CEO Gianrico Farrugia on why he doesn't want to go back to a pre-pandemic world
Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, president and CEO of Mayo Clinic | July 7, 2020

'A first like no other': WellSpan’s CEO on reimagining health care—and leading through crisis
Roxanna Gapstur, Ph.D., R.N., president and CEO of WellSpan Health | June 4, 2020


'We prefer to be at the table': How Advocate Aurora's sole CEO is making the $12B organization an industry leader
Jim Skogsbergh, President, and CEO of Advocate Aurora Health | December 6, 2019

Why Quest Diagnostics' CEO isn't content to run the 'world's largest lab'—and where he's taking the $8B company next
Steve Rusckowski, chair, president, and CEO of Quest Diagnostics | October 29, 2019

'An ethical responsibility': How Cleveland Clinic CEO Tom Mihaljevic plans to reach 4M patients by 2024
Tom Mihaljevic, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic | October 9, 2019

Why Jim Hinton, CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health, says 'there isn't a hospital system of the future'
Jim Hinton, CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health (BSW) | September 25, 2019

Patrick Conway led the industry in health care transformation at CMS. At Blue Cross NC, he's not stopping.
Patrick Conway, President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina | September 12, 2019

From Ascension to Intermountain and now 'home' at SSM Health: How Laura Kaiser is 'systematizing' mission-based care
Laura Kaiser, President and CEO of SSM Health | September 4, 2019

Sutter CEO Sarah Krevans wants health care to be 'dramatically different in 10 years.' Here's how.
Sarah Krevans, President and CEO of Sutter Health | August 27, 2019

Brian Gragnolati plans to make Atlantic Health System 'indispensable.' Here's how.
Brian Gragnolati, President and CEO of Atlantic Health System | August 20, 2019

ProMedica CEO Randy Oostra reinvented himself at 30. Now he wants to reinvent health care.
Randy Oostra, President and CEO of ProMedica | May 22, 2019

Why Sentara's CEO is 'psyched' about its soon-to-launch 'digital front door'—and where he's taking the $6.3B system next
Howard Kern, President and CEO of Sentara Healthcare | May 10, 2019

From 'what if' to 'let's go': How Lloyd Dean and Kevin Lofton built a $29B system—and where they're going next
Lloyd Dean and Kevin Lofton, CEOs of CommonSpirit Health | May 2, 2019

Don't call THR a 'hospital system': Inside CEO Barclay Berdan's vision for health care's future
Barclay Berdan, CEO of Texas Health Resources | March 25, 2019

'A little bit of a pirate': How Kelby Krabbenhoft built a $6B system—and where he's taking Sanford next
Kelby Krabbenhoft, President and CEO of Sanford Health | February 25, 2019

20+ years and 450+ hospitals and facilities later: How Ramsay’s CEO helped turn a small Australian system into an $8.7B global health organization
Craig McNally, CEO and Managing Director of Ramsay Health Care | February 19, 2019

Meet Peter Banko, Centura Health's CEO. (You may also know him as a cattle rancher and blogger.)
Peter D. Banko, President and CEO of Centura Health | January 11, 2019


From the seminary to the C-suite: How IU Health CEO Dennis Murphy is redefining the AMC
Dennis Murphy, President and CEO of IU Health | September 13, 2018

'The disruptor, not the disrupted': How Advocate Aurora's co-CEOs plan to transform health care as a $12B system
Dr. Nick Turkal and Jim Skogsbergh, co-CEOs of Advocate Aurora Health | July 17, 2018

From nurse to CEO to AHA chair: Nancy Howell Agee on her improbable rise and the future of value-based care
Nancy Howell Agee, President and CEO of Carilion Clinic, Chair of the American Hospital Association | June 27, 2018

Stanford Health's CEO can't remember his life-altering crash. But his approach to care has never been the same.
David Entwistle, President and CEO of Stanford Health Care | June 7, 2018

'Why not us?': How Kevin Vermeer seeks to disrupt health care from the helm of UnityPoint Health
Kevin Vermeer, President and CEO of UnityPoint Health | May 29, 2018

'The job felt incomplete': Why VA Secretary David Shulkin has served under Obama and Trump—and how he's reimagining veterans' care
David Shulkin, United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs | March 23, 2018

100 million clinical lives, $200 billion in member value: Where Robert Musslewhite sees Advisory Board going next with Optum
Robert Musslewhite, CEO of Advisory Board and President of Optum Analytics | March 12, 2018

How a 'God moment' put Terry Shaw on a 35-year path to CEO—all at Adventist Health System
Terry Shaw, President and CEO, Adventist Health System | February 5, 2018

Marc Harrison promised to turn Intermountain into a 'Tesla.' He wasn't kidding.
Marc Harrison, President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare | January 29, 2018


50 CEOs. 1 million words. What we've learned from health care's C-suite.
Eric Larsen, Managing Partner, Advisory Board | December 21, 2017

Duke Health CEO's advice for young leaders: Take more risks
Eugene Washington, M.D., Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University, and President and CEO of Duke University Health System | November 10, 2017

From basketball coach to CEO of a $5.5B health system: Where James Hereford is taking Fairview next
James Hereford, President and CEO of Fairview Health Services | October 4, 2017

From India to Urban America: How Ram Raju’s experience serving underserved communities is redefining patient-centered care at Northwell Health
Ram Raju, SVP and Chief Community Investment Officer at Northwell Health | September 20, 2017

Can two CEOs co-lead? Bob Garrett and John Lloyd are showing how it's done.
Bob Garrett and John Lloyd, co-CEOs, Hackensack Meridian Health | September 6, 2017

As a soldier, Legacy's CEO witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. Here's how George Brown is serving his system now.
George Brown, CEO of Legacy Health System | August 25, 2017

Warner Thomas built a $3B health system in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Here's how.
Warner Thomas, president and CEO, Ochsner Health System | August 9, 2017

Building the 'Tesla' of health systems: Where Marc Harrison plans to take Intermountain next
Marc Harrison, President and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare | June 6, 2017

Why Mount Sinai's CEO says, 'If our beds are filled, it means we've failed'
Ken Davis, CEO of Mount Sinai Health System | May 19, 2017

151 years and 3 ACOs later, here's where Tom Zenty is taking University Hospitals next
Tom Zenty, CEO of University Hospitals | February 22, 2017


How Dartmouth-Hitchcock CEO's personal experience led him to call for a health care 'revolution'
Jim Weinstein, CEO and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock | November 16, 2016

Why one CEO doesn't want competition to be the 'ruling force' for her hospitals
Michelle Hood, President and CEO of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems | September 6, 2016

How David Shulkin runs America's largest health care system
David Shulkin, Under Secretary for Health, Department of Veterans Affairs | August 2, 2016

You see a failing hospital. CEO Prem Reddy sees an opportunity.
Prem Reddy, Chair, President, and CEO of Prime Healthcare | July 11, 2016

LifePoint CEO's partnership philosophy: Get 'in the trenches'
William F. Carpenter III, chair and CEO of LifePoint Health | May 17, 2016

Why New York Presbyterian's CEO isn't a 'big believer' in starting a health plan
Steven Corwin, CEO of New York-Presbyterian | May 2, 2016

OhioHealth's CEO almost always says 'no' to expanding. Here's when he says 'yes.'
David Blom, CEO of OhioHealth | April 12, 2016

Some CEOs talk about 'my team.' Here's why UNC Health Care's CEO won't.
William Roper, CEO of UNC Health Care | March 21, 2016

They told her she was 'too empathetic' of a leader. Now Penny Wheeler runs a 13-hospital, $3.5 billion system.
Penny Wheeler, President and CEO of Allina Health | February 4, 2016

What Johns Hopkins' CEO thinks about hospital rankings
Paul Rothman, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine | January 21, 2016

How a CEO's cancer diagnosis changed this health system
Mary Brainerd, President and CEO of HealthPartners | January 7, 2016


Yale New Haven CEO's journey from unit secretary to the C-suite
Marna Borgstrom, president and CEO of Yale New Haven Health System | December 16, 2015

How the government's chief medical officer views the health care industry
Patrick Conway, CMO and acting principal deputy administrator at CMS | December 9, 2015

Meet Sarah Krevans, Sutter Health's next CEO
Sarah Krevans, CEO of Sutter Health | December 1, 2015

Cedars-Sinai's CEO survived an earthquake on his first day. Here's what shake-ups he sees for the health care industry.
Thomas Priselac, President and CEO of Cedars-Sinai Health System | October 7, 2015

Why Kevin Lofton banished 'bullet points' from his hospitals
Kevin E. Lofton, CEO of Catholic Health Initiatives | August 26, 2015

Why this CEO wants to know your favorite baseball team—and how it's shaping strategy
Ralph Muller, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System | June 24, 2015

CEO: Retail medicine isn't a direct threat to hospitals—but dramatic primary care changes are coming
Steven Lipstein, President and CEO of BJC HealthCare | June 3, 2015

How fighting AIDS and tuberculosis prepared a young physician to become a CEO
Steven Safyer, President and CEO of Montefiore Health System | May 20, 2015

Why one health system quit the ACO program—and partnered with Intel instead
Jim Hinton, president and CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services | April 30, 2015

He was told he'd never go to college. Now he's CEO of an $8 billion health system.
Michael Dowling, President and CEO of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System | April 17, 2015

He took a job no one wanted. How Trevor Fetter brought Tenet back from a crisis, and where he thinks health care is headed.
Trevor Fetter, President and CEO of Tenet Healthcare | March 27, 2015

Why one CEO made a $36M bet on behavioral health
Michael Tarwater, CEO of Carolinas HealthCare System | March 17, 2015

How two CEOs found a 'third way' and created one super-system
Joel Allison, CEO, Baylor Scott & White Health; Bob Pryor, President and CMO, Baylor Scott & White Health | February 10, 2015

Was it 'absolutely nuts' to take a 90% pay cut? A CEO reflects.
Ram Raju, President and CEO of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation | January 29, 2015

How an ACO champion—now a health system CEO—plans to put one in every market
Richard Gilfillan, President and CEO of Trinity Health | January 22, 2015


How an English major became a hospital CEO at age 29
Sandra Bruce, President and CEO of Presence Health | December 11, 2014

Ascension CEO: 'We can’t think the good old days of health care will come back…ever.'
Anthony Tersigni, President and CEO of Ascension | December 10, 2014

'Misery is optional.' How one CEO beat cancer and tunes out the noise.
Peter Fine, CEO of Banner Health | October 31, 2014

How to prove a boss wrong when he thinks you're the second choice? Do what this CEO did.
Gene Michalski, CEO of Beaumont Health System | September 23, 2014

Why Mayo Clinic's CEO wants to serve 200 million patients—and how he plans to do it
Dr. John Noseworthy, CEO of Mayo Clinic | July 23, 2014

Cleveland Clinic CEO's single best tip on building a career: 'Shamelessly steal.'
Dr. Toby Cosgrove, President and CEO of The Cleveland Clinic | July 8, 2014

Rod Hochman on market strategy
Rod Hochman, President and CEO of Providence Health & Services | May 28, 2014

Why one CEO wants his staff to be disruptive
Rod Hochman, President and CEO of Providence Health & Services | May 28, 2014


How the leader of a $3.6B health system sees the industry
Ernie Sadau, CEO of CHRISTUS Health | November 14, 2012

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