Cultural Compatibility Diagnostic

A resource developed by Fairview Health Services

Assessing cultural compatibility is hard enough when interviewing a single physician, but it's even more more difficult when health systems evaluate an entire practice for potential acquisition. Yet cultural fit is often the single most important determinant of whether an acquisition succeeds or fails.

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In response to this challenge, Fairview Health Services in Minnesota created what they called a “change assessment tool” to help quantify how well the practice overall will mesh with the rest of the group. The tool includes more than 50 standardized questions designed to evaluate cultural fit. 

As we learned in our research, Fairview generally brings on all physicians within the practice, even those who would not have been hired on their own; however, the tool helps Fairview identify what problem areas it will need to address immediately post-acquisition and allows the group to intervene early, before major issues take root.

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