About the Medical Home Project

The Medical Home Project is the Advisory Board’s research collaborative focused on the medical home (PCMH) model. More than 450 organizations currently participate, including PCMH pioneers, systems in the midst of multi-site rollouts, and organizations just beginning to learn about the model.

Participants receive:

  • A deep library of PCMH research, case examples, and tools
  • Live support from our expert research team
  • Special initiatives, benchmarks, and facilitated peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Ongoing research into PCMH problems and solutions

How to Participate

Participation in the project is open to all members of the Health Care Advisory Board at no additional cost. To participate in the project and receive notice of new resources and initiatives, you must sign up for the Care Transformation Center Blog.

In addition, you can:

Medical Home Project Resources

Visit the medical home topic page, featuring our latest medical home research, or browse resources by topic:

Featured Resources

Resources for Key Teams


The medical home model involves many different teams across a health care organization. Any Medical Home Project member may access all of the Project's resources, but we suggest members of key PCMH teams utilize the resources in ways outlined below.

Executive team

PCMH rollout team/clinic teams

Finance and contracting team

HR team

  • Request an expert consultation on "Medical Homes 101," emphasizing information specific to hospitals with self-insured employee populations
  • Listen to an on-demand webconference presenting options for putting your organization’s self-insured employees into PCMH sites:

For More Information

To reach the Medical Home Project team, please work with your relationship manager to set a time for a phone conference, or contact Project Director Amanda Berra at BerraA@advisory.com.