About the Care Transformation Center

A strategic advisor and execution partner for driving population health ROI

Population health is the industry’s leading strategy for keeping health cost growth in check. But providers are finding it increasingly difficult to generate the necessary financial returns from managing care across a population. If we are to be low-cost today and bend the long-term cost-growth curve, how should we measure and track performance?

The Care Transformation Center—a dedicated initiative within the Health Care Advisory Board—offers resources to benchmark the path to population health management and tools to assess the feasibility and return on investment at your organization.

Benchmark the current state of the transition path

Download the results from our population health survey on contracting strategy, investment strategy, and care delivery redesign.

Outline the ROI for key initiatives

Check out our Strategic Plan for Non-Clinical Resources and Strategic Plan for High-Risk Patient Care Management.

Sample member questions and resources

With $750B in avoidable health care spending, where do you start?

Your top three opportunities are medical admissions, outpatient surgeries, and pharmaceuticals. In Primer on Avoidable Costs, we analyze the top 10 opportunities by payer type. Our Regional Cost Driver tool offers customized market analysis. How To Prioritize Population Health Interventions walks through using the data you have to proactively reach out to actionable patient segments and how to strategically build the data set.

Is high-cost patient management enough for financial success?

No. High-risk care management is critical to generate short-term wins, but it's not sufficient for long-term financial success. Care teams must also engage rising- and low-risk patients. Learn how in Playbook for Population Health.

97% of transformation leaders are budgeting for new staff. Should you?

Start with our Care Team Staff Audit to coordinate existing care management roles before you hire new staff. The audit includes job descriptions, day-in-the-life summaries, and before and after synopsis of key areas including ED, case management, patient transitions, and IT.

Is 4,500 patients a realistic goal for primary care panel size?

Yes, as long as you have the right primary care team and care management infrastructure in place. Learn how to achieve scale across the primary care enterprise in The Scalable Population Health Enterprise.

2014 Research Areas

Clinical Workforce of the Future

Where, how, and by whom care will be delivered across a integrated network

Calculating Care Transformation ROI

Benchmarking the impact of care transformation on growth, quality, and total cost of care

Competing on Patient Engagement

Extending health system reach to support activated patients at home, work, and in the community

5 ways you should use the Care Transformation Center

1. Schedule a call with the Care Transformation Center team to review your population health strategic plan.

2. In follow up, the team will map tools and resources to elements of the plan.

3. Join us at our national meeting to discuss care transformation ROI and patient engagement.

4. Register key transformation leaders for upcoming webconferences on advancing the medical home, scaling care management, and prioritizing risk analytics investments.

5. Subscribe to the Care Transformation Center Blog for proactive updates about new resources.

Get strategic guidance in a changing industry

With purchasers demanding more affordable care, how can you restructure operations to lower costs? And how—and where—can you build out population health capabilities at the same time? Here's how the Health Care Advisory Board can help.

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