What is the future of primary care?

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with Tomi Ogundimu

May 23, 2013  |  Care Transformation Center

How to Transform Your Primary Care System

When we think about the future of primary care, we envision a highly accessible service that's proactively delivered both inside—and outside—the clinic. But how do we get there?

To start, organizations should aspire to:

  • Reengineer the traditional office visit and bring value to every interaction before, during, and after the visit
  • Design flexible exam rooms that foster multidisciplinary care
  • Allow patients to get clinical advice over the phone or online
  • Use mobile clinics to engage disconnected, high-risk patients

Read Our Study to Implement These Ideas

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Health Care Advisory Board and Medical Group Strategy Council members can also read our study, Redesigning the Primary Care Clinic, to learn seven steps for reorienting clinic workflow and design and expanding access beyond the clinic to keep patients engaged.