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What 'Apple Health Care' Could Look like in 5 Years

How the company wants to shape the industry

About the Webconference

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that he wants Apple's "greatest contribution to mankind" to be about health. Apple Watch is already being used in studies with thousands of patients, over 300 providers support Apple's Health Record platform, the Research app is facilitating groundbreaking studies, and the company is even getting into care delivery with its own employer clinics.

But will these moves actually have a lasting impact on the industry? And where does Apple want to go next? We'll answer these questions, outline the potential impact on key stakeholders, and summarize what you need to know about this $1.3 trillion Big Tech player.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • What moves Apple has already made in health care
  • What makes their strategy different from Amazon and Google
  • How your organization could be impacted

Presenter: Jackie Kimmell

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