Webconference Series

Cost Control 101

About this Series

As hospital margins tighten and uncertainty looms in the political landscape, hospitals and health systems can no longer view cost control efforts as short-term fixes.

Rather, hospitals and health systems must focus on implementing long-term, sustainable measures that make lowering costs a strategic priority. Learn how with our four-part series designed for hospital, physician, and nursing leaders.

Past Events In Series

4 Ways Nurse Leaders Can Help Save Millions

When health system leaders seek to cut costs, they disproportionately focus on labor budgets—specifically nursing labor budgets. But nurse executives have other, larger cost saving opportunities.

How Physicians Can Help Rein in Costs

As organizations face downward pressure on margins, health systems must expand their cost-control playbook. This session describes how best-in-class organizations engineer low-cost clinical products and enable frontline clinicians to practice cost-conscious medicine.

4 Ways to Contain Labor Costs (Without Alienating Staff)

Health care organizations must tackle their largest operating expense category: labor. Here's how to do it without losing the engagement of your staff.

Move from Cost-cutting Campaigns to Permanent Savings

Learn what really drives hospitals' and health systems' long-term margin challenge, and discover strategies to rebase spending on supplies, pharmaceuticals, and purchased services.