Webconference Series

2017-2018 National Meeting Series Recap

About this Series

At our 2017–18 Health Care Advisory Board national meeting series, we covered strategies to help health care leaders navigate political uncertainty and modernize their cost control and growth playbooks. If you weren’t able to join us, need a refresher on the content, or want to share the research with your team, this seven-part webinar series recaps the key insights and top case studies from the series.

Past Events In Series

The New Innovation Agenda

There is a new wave of innovation in health care. This session will identify the trends of emerging innovations and evaluate the implications of these innovations for health systems.

Beyond Meaningful Use

As MU incentives dry up, so too do the obvious returns on IT expenditure. Learn how to invest intelligently in your IT systems so that they generate value for the enterprise in other ways.

Four Strategies to Contain Your Largest Operating Expense Category Without Alienating Your Workforce

Continue the discussion about hospitals' and health systems' long-term margin challenge, and learn how to bend the labor cost curve.

How to Move from Cost-Cutting Campaigns to Permanent Savings Solutions

Gain insight into what really drives hospitals' and health systems' long-term margin challenge, and learn strategies to rebase spending on supplies, pharmaceuticals, and purchased services.

Preserving the Community Safety Net, Part 2

While Medicaid risk is often a daunting idea for many providers, many have actually already made foundational investments that can make the transition to Medicaid risk easier. Learn the steps to take for an organization to successfully transition into and manage Medicaid risk.

Preserving the Community Safety Net, Part 1

Given the growing interest in Medicaid reform, providers must actively work to stabilize their Medicaid care network under current economics in order to minimize losses in what is often their least profitable book of business. Learn how to address avoidable, low-margin utilization flashpoints to build the foundation for more transformational change in the future.

State of the Union—The Next Wave of Health Care Reform

Hospital and health system leaders face newfound uncertainty following the political upheavals of the past several months. Tune in to hear the Health Care Advisory Board's most up-to-date analysis on the future of health care reform and get our latest guidance on how hospital and health system leaders should proceed amid uncertainty.