Webconference Series

The Next Era of Health Care Reform: Recap of the 2016-2017 National Meeting

How to Position Hospitals and Health Systems for Long-Term Success Amid Political Uncertainty

About this Series

Couldn't attend our 2016-2017 Health Care Advisory Board National Meeting, need a refresher, or want to share our content with your team? Across this eight-part series, we'll recap the key insights and top case studies from our new research presentations.

Past Events In Series

Building the Easy-to-Use Consumer Loyalty Platform

In response to new consumer forces, hospitals and health systems have made substantial investments in access, patient satisfaction, and branding. However, few systems have balanced these investments in patient acquisition with tactics for patient retention. Hear how to apply platform strategy to build loyal patient relationships—including lessons learned from out of industry exemplars.

Medicare Risk Strategy: Opportunities for Risk Contracting in Medicare Advantage

While MACRA positions ACO program evaluation as an immediate priority, providers should not ignore opportunities to extend their risk-contracting strategies into the Medicare Advantage market. Listen to the Health Care Advisory Board’s latest research on risk-contracting in Medicare Advantage and learn how to move beyond contract negotiations to ensure a durable risk strategy that will stand the test of time.

Medicare Risk Strategy: How to Pick the Right Medicare ACO Program

With the government’s continued focus on alternative payment models and the implementation of MACRA underway, providers must confront major Medicare contracting decisions. Learn how to evaluate risk for your fee-for-service Medicare population with the Health Care Advisory Board’s latest analysis of the Medicare ACO programs.

Health Care Reform Beyond the ACA: The Implications of a Consumer-Driven Marketplace

What are the key drivers and implications of innovation in the private sector? Tune in to this presentation as our experts explore the rise of a new consumer-centric marketplace—and what it means for hospitals and health systems.

Health Care Reform Beyond the ACA: What the GOP Sweep of the White House and Congress Means for Provider Strategy

What can health care leaders expect after the Republican sweep of both the White House and Congress? View our on-demand recording as our experts walk through the status of the Affordable Care Act and latest developments in repeal-and-replace efforts.